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Freyacare the natural! Ingredients: xylitol, diatomaceous earth, magnesium carbonate, peppermint oil, sage oil, xanthan gum, water.

26 reviews for Freyacare toothpaste 75ml

  1. tobe -

    super toothpaste :)) tastes super tasty and clean top. 1A

  2. Karin Spack (Verified owner) -

    This toothpaste cleans and polishes teeth at the same time. Coatings from tobacco, tea, coffee or red wine are removed immediately.

  3. Surya Perret -

    Super tasty, foams not so unpleasant, teeth never have this unpleasant film over it. Without the usual additives, some of which are not harmless ...👍

  4. Mia -

    I can no longer imagine my dental care without it. White teeth, economical in use, good feeling after brushing teeth.

  5. Super Mouse -

    I am extremely satisfied. Teeth feel smooth after brushing. Taste very pleasant. I also appreciate that the paste is not so extremely foamy. Finally a toothpaste without all the questionable additives.

  6. Sonja Heinzer -

    Very pleasant feeling when brushing teeth.

  7. Arthur Sidler (Verified owner) -

    am very enthusiastic about the toothpaste, is a fine taste and cleans very well, will recommend this very gladly

  8. Nicole Hänni (Verified owner) -

    As a naturopath, I am 100% satisfied. Finally I have found a toothpaste, which is free of harmful ingredients perfectly works against tooth decay and positively on the environment in the oral cavity!
    The taste of spearmint is a revelation and all plaque can be removed completely.

  9. Theo M. -

    The most convincing toothpaste for me so far to stay healthy on the one hand - which is not the case with the ingredients often used otherwise - and to promote healthy teeth. Thank you very much for a toothpaste made from harmless natural substances!

  10. Hartmut Richter -

    when you order online, you are sometimes disappointed. Here was the absolute opposite! Cleans better than anything I've tried before, pleasant taste, does not burn! I immediately gave my 7 year old daughter! Came also there well! Congratulations!

  11. STh -

    Super toothpaste, clean teeth as after dental hygiene, pleasant taste.

  12. Jasmin Haudenschild -

    For a long time I had been looking for such a toothpaste! 😁😇
    Coatings no longer have a chance, the teeth remain clean and "white". Taste, again, the most pleasant for me.
    Regarding the ingredients I am very happy, because fluoride can the body nowmal very very difficult to degrade again.
    Good thing & many thanks! 🌸🌿

  13. Haudenschild -

    😁😁😁 🌸💕

  14. Susan Oberli (Verified owner) -

    Eifach nur häll begeischteret vo däm product!🙂 Weiter so! 🌻🌸

  15. Susanne Bauer (Verified owner) -

    Finally a toothpaste that tastes convincing and good that it does not foam. Top satisfied, will recommend it further.

  16. Evita Estrella -

    Yesterday was the toothpaste in the mailbox... have me yesterday and today 😂😂😂 brushed my teeth with it... wonderful, not too strong not too weak, super clean cleaning feeling and the aftertaste after rinsing PORNÖS pleasant 😁😁😁 super toothpaste I will recommend 👍👍👍👍 thanks a lot Freya Care

  17. Monika Held -

    We love them and already need replenishment. Fresh feeling that keeps lanfe away and of course clean teeth. Ingenious...

  18. Baba (Verified owner) -

    Very good toothpaste, really recommended...:)

  19. Monika Zioui (Verified owner) -

    With this toothpaste I can finally brush my teeth early in the morning without it turning my stomach. Peppermint is not so mine, but it works.

  20. Core -

    Was recommended to me, was initially very skeptical.
    However, it is by far the best toothpaste I had so far.
    Top product!

  21. Isabelle Gerber (Verified owner) -

    I am thrilled with this toothpaste. Now I just need a source of supply in the Thun area, because it is for me with shipping costs but rather at the pain threshold.

    • freyacare (Verified owner) -

      hello isabelle, yes it is also our heart to lower the costs for you, since we are still a small satrtup it will take some time, until then we recommend you our offer for lovers with free shipping, https://freyacare.ch/produkt/12x-plus/
      we are also working on distribution points in thun and will be happy to inform you about it.
      best regards and good health, team freyacare

  22. Antje (Verified owner) -

    I think they are great and taste really successful. Will there be a mouth rinse? It's a shame when I brush teeth fluoride-free, but the rinse contains fluoride. Without rinse it does not work with my teeth / gums unfortunately.

    • freyacare (Verified owner) -

      We are already in the process of developing a mouthwash...

  23. Jasi -

    Always very good toothpaste

  24. Nädu -

    We, my husband, I and my family are super happy with this toothpaste.
    My dentist was a little less pleased, because he could now recommend me, only 1x per year DH treatment.
    Last but not least, it feels just awesome.....so or so, brushing your teeth is fun!👍🏼😀
    The bamboo toothbrush goes tonight the first time in the so-called "the family trial series"😊I am very excited about it.

  25. hightimeszone -

    ABSOLUTELY my favorite toothpaste!
    Because it promises what it delivers.
    From the first application already noticed a difference. Taste fresh but not too intense. Bad breath is no longer a problem and my sensitive gums feel better. Have already tried some but now I change back to no toothpaste.


    Can only recommend it.

  26. Sonja -

    Can I buy these in Bern?

    Can this also be used with homeopathic remedies?

    • freyacare (Verified owner) -

      In Bern it is available in the Bahnohfapotheke and in the Bärenapotheke. Otherwise ask at the nearest pharmacy to order.

      Regarding the homeopathy compatibility we can not give any information.

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Natural toothpaste with only 7 ingredients, without additives!


✔️without Fluorides

✔️Without surfactants

✔️without titanium dioxide

✔️Without glycerin


En 100% natural and fluoride-free toothpaste alternative from Freyacare. Our formula is simple and effective. We do not require any additives. 

With only 7 ingredients:

Ingredients: xylitol, magnesium carbonate, diatomaceous earth, peppermint oil, sage oil, xanthan gum, water.

About the ingredients here

100% natural, without compromise

Free from pollutants

All ingredients are of natural origin and approved as dietary supplements.

Dhe Freya Care toothpaste is completely harmless in its composition. Through simplicity, the absence of fluorides, surfactants, disinfectants, and humectants such as glycerin and sorbitol, we have developed a toothpaste that is clearly different in concept from conventional toothpastes.

Sou maintain the natural oral flora and contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem!

Do we really need fluorides?

The hypothesis of a positive effect of fluoride on the constitution of the teeth is still controversial today. It has been proventhat the tooth enamel is hardened by the addition of fluorides and thus becomes less sensitive to acid and also more resistant to caries for the time being. This is the main argument for the artificial addition of fluoride in drinking water, toothpastes and table salt. With increased intake of fluoride, bone fluorosis develops. The bones show a high bone density, but they are so hardened that they lose their naturalelasticity, whereupon they become more and more brittle. The teeth become harder, but also brittle and porous. The more brittle the tooth, the more brittle it becomes! And thus the more susceptible to caries - exactly what fluoride is supposed to protect against.

Mith its high content of 40% xylitol, the toothpaste has been provento protectagainst caries. Bacteria that cause caries (streptococcus mutans) consider xylitol to be sugar, but cannot use it as food. Thus they are literally starved out. Xylitol also helps to keep the oral cavity alkaline. In an alkaline environment, it is more difficult for harmful bacteria to multiply. The high pH promotes the flow of saliva, which is responsible for the remineralization of tooth enamel. Numerous studies worldwide prove the high effectiveness of xylitol against caries.

Plaster body

Conventional toothpastes usually contain calcium carbonate or other cleaning agents which are not pure white in their natural color. Therefore, titanium dioxide is added to make the toothpaste look white.

We use natural magnesium carbonate as a gentle cleaning agent and diatomaceous earth as a light abrasive, which has the property of absorbing harmful bacteria through your negative electrical charge of the particles. Dental plaque is thus removed very effectively. Magnesium carbonate and diatomaceous earth are useful nutritional supplements for the body.

White without titanium oxide

Titanium dioxide is contained in every conventional toothpaste as a whitening agent. Due to new scientific findings to protect consumers, the use of titanium dioxide as a food additive has been banned in Switzerland as well as in the EU since 2022, but it is still allowed in toothpastes. We do not need titanium dioxide and still get a pure white toothpaste. On ingredient lists, titanium dioxide often also appears under the designations E171, CI 77891, titanium white or Pigment White 6 (PW6).

Uur natural magnesium carbonate gives the purewhitecolor. We do not need any pigment.

Does it need surfactants?

Surfactants are used so that the toothpastes foam when brushing. However, they irritate the gums and have a bitter taste. Surfactants have a biocidal effect. We do not use surfactants so that useful bacteria in the oral cavity are preserved.

We do not use surfactants or other aggressive substances. Your gums are naturally strengthened as your oral flora is kept in balance.

Xylitol as preservative

A conventional toothpaste contains up to 30% glycerin to prevent the toothpaste from drying out. Glycerin is a by-product of the production of fatty acids from vegetable or animal fats.

In our toothpaste, birch sugar serves as an active ingredient, sweetener, preservative and moisturizer all in one, and it also has an excellent protective effect against tooth decay. We can do without additional substances to promote shelf life.


After brushing with surfactant-containing toothpastes, there is usually a bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

We do not use surfactants. High quality peppermint essential oil from India gives the toothpaste the excellent fresh taste.

No microplastics
Rich in minerals
High PH value
Effective cleansing
Effective against tooth decay
Fresh mint taste
Nature cosmetics compliant

100% Natural

Why complicate when it can be simple!

The toothpaste innovation which promises nothing but delivers a lot.

Convince yourself!

Without synthetic substances
Without fluorides
Without surfactants
Without titanium dioxide
Without nanoparticles
Without aluminum
Without mineral oils
Without glycerin
Without sulfates
Without gluten
Without synthetic silica