How it all began

About us

Freyacare is a family company that has made it its goal to develop a 100% natural toothpaste that consists of ingredients that are completely harmless in every respect and convinces through taste, appearance and effect. It is a completely new concept that we have approached in the development compared to other manufacturers, as we have deliberately avoided common formulation techniques. The formula was developed over the years by us, (I together with my family especially with the help of my children) who had to test the toothpaste again and again for taste. After five years of experimenting, all the positive feedback from acquaintances and friends, came the step to implementation and professional production. Since April 2020, our toothpaste is available in various web stores, pharmacies, drugstores, stores, dentists and through our website.


Raw materials


We useonlynatural and high quality raw materials which are approved as food supplements.



Dhe toothpaste is mixed and filled in Switzerland according to internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and standards.



Üover millions of years, nature has evolved in a fascinating way into anextremelycomplex construct of mutually dependent symbioses.

Ince we look at nature as a holistic system, we realize how important it is not to disturb these complex relationships of cause and effect within ourselves. Nature reveals wonderful things to us, we must learn to meet it with humility and reason in order to draw our strength from it in harmony. 

Freyacare, from Lor love of the Nature.

No microplastics
Rich in minerals
High PH value
Effective cleansing
Effective against tooth decay
Fresh mint taste
Nature cosmetics compliant

100% Natural

Why complicate when it can be simple!

The toothpaste innovation which promises nothing but delivers a lot.

Convince yourself!

Without synthetic substances
Without fluorides
Without surfactants
Without titanium dioxide
Without nanoparticles
Without aluminum
Without mineral oils
Without glycerin
Without sulfates
Without gluten
Without synthetic silica