100% natural without compromise!


Xylitol, diatomaceous earth, magnesium carbonate, peppermint oil, sage oil, xanthan gum, water.


BIRKENGOLD® from bark of birch and beech trees from Finland

Is a natural sugar alcohol and a component of many vegetables and fruits. Xylitol is also contained in the bark of certain types of wood such as birch and beech.

With 40% xylitol content a natural and effective protection against tooth decay.

Xylitol increases the pH value and thus prevents an acidic environment in the mouth, making it difficult for caries-causing bacteria to multiply. Xylitol promotes saliva flow, supports remineralization and inhibits bad breath. Numerous studies worldwide provide statistically significant evidence of the caries-preventive potential of xylitol.

Diatomaceous earth:

also known as diatoms Is a fossil mineral that has formed from the microscopic shells of dead diatoms over millions of years. Diatoms belong to the algae and thus to the plant life. They are found in the sea as well as in freshwater.

Due to its highly porous nature, diatomaceous earth provides highly efficient cleaning, binds impurities, discoloration, plaque and has remineralizing and whitening properties.

Magnesium carbonate:

Occurs in nature in large quantities as magnesite or bitter spar. The mineral is slightly alkaline and contributes to our magnesium supply.

As a gentle cleaning agent, it dissolves plaque and has remineralizing properties.

Xanthan gum:
Is a naturally occurring binder. It is obtained from sugar-containing substrates with the help of bacteria of the genus Xanthomonas. Xanthan gum is approved for organic foods. (Vegan).

Serves as a binder.

Peppermint oil:
100% pure essential oil.

Provides fresh breath.

Sage oil:

100% pure essential oil.

Prevents against inflammation.



Ingredients according to INCI:

Xylitol, Aqua, Magnesium Carbonate, Solum Diatomeae, Xanthan Gum, Mentha Piperita Oil, Salvia Officinalis Leaf Oil, Limonene.

Free from pollutants

All ingredients are of natural origin and approved as dietary supplements.

Our toothpaste is completely harmless in terms of composition. Through simplicity, the absence of fluorides, surfactants, disinfectants, and humectants such as glycerin and sorbitol, we have developed a toothpaste that is clearly different in concept from conventional toothpastes.

Preserve your natural oral flora and contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem!

Do we really need fluorides?

The famous sentence of Paracelsus applies: "The dose makes the poison" Through our food we already consume at least half of the daily recommended amount of fluoride. The fact that fluoride is also added via toothpaste, mouthwash and food should be viewed critically.

It has been proven thatthe tooth enamel is hardened by the addition of fluorides, making it less sensitive to acid and also more resistant to caries for the time being. This is the main argument of an artificial admixture of fluoride in drinking water, toothpastes and table salt. Although the teeth become harder, they also become brittle and porous over time. The more brittle the tooth, the more fragile it becomes! And thus the more susceptible to caries - exactly what fluoride is supposed to protect against.

With its high content of 40% xylitol, the toothpaste has beenproven to protectagainst caries. Bacteria that cause caries (streptococcus mutans) consider xylitol to be sugar, but cannot use it as food. Thus they are literally starved out. Xylitol also helps to keep the oral cavity alkaline. In an alkaline environment, it is more difficult for harmful bacteria to multiply. The high pH promotes the flow of saliva, which is responsible for the remineralization of tooth enamel. Numerous studies worldwide prove the high effectiveness of xylitol against caries.

Plaster body

Conventional toothpastes usually contain cheap calcium carbonate or other cleaning agents which are not pure white in their natural color. are. Therefore, titanium dioxide is added to make the toothpaste look white.

We use purified pure white magnesium carbonate as a gentle cleaning agent and diatomaceous earth as a light abrasive, which has the property of absorbing harmful bacteria due to its negative electric charge of the particles. Dental plaque is thus removed very effectively. Magnesium carbonate and diatomaceous earth are useful minerals for the body.

White without titanium oxide

Titanium dioxide is usually contained in conventional toothpastes as a whitener. Due to the latest scientific findings, in order to protect consumers, the use of titanium dioxide as a food additive has been banned in Switzerland and the EU since 2022, but it is still permitted in toothpastes. On the ingredient lists, titanium dioxide often appears under the designations E171, CI 77891, titanium white or Pigment White 6 (PW6).

Our natural magnesium carbonate gives the toothpaste its purewhitecolor. We do not need any pigment.

Does it need surfactants?

Surfactants are used so that the toothpastes foam when brushing. However, they irritate the gums and have a bitter taste. Surfactants have a biocidal effect.

We do not use surfactants or other aggressive substances. Your gums are naturally strengthened as your oral flora is kept in balance.

Xylitol as preservative

A conventional toothpaste contains up to 30% glycerin to prevent the toothpaste from drying out. Glycerin is a by-product of the production of fatty acids from vegetable or animal fats.

In our toothpaste, birch sugar serves as an active ingredient, sweetener, preservative and moisturizer all in one, and also provides excellent protection against tooth decay. We can do without additional substances to promote shelf life.


After brushing with surfactant-containing toothpastes, there is usually a bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

We do not use surfactants. High quality peppermint essential oil from India gives the toothpaste the excellent fresh taste.

No microplastics
Rich in minerals
High PH value
Effective cleansing
Effective against tooth decay
Fresh mint taste
Nature cosmetics compliant

100% Natural

Why complicate when it can be simple!

The toothpaste innovation which promises nothing but delivers a lot.

Convince yourself!

Without synthetic substances
Without fluorides
Without surfactants
Without titanium dioxide
Without nanoparticles
Without aluminum
Without mineral oils
Without glycerin
Without sulfates
Without gluten
Without synthetic silica